Illinois Eyes Cities’ Requirement on Hybrid, Alt-Fuel-Using Vehicles

John Davis

An Illinois state lawmaker wants to see cities in his state use vehicles that run on more alternative fuels.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports Rep. Mike Boland has introduced legislation that would require cities to buy vehicles that run on more ethanol and biodiesel:

Rep. Mike Boland “We have an opportunity to really bring about an economic renaissance to rural Illinois by the increased use of ethanol and biodiesel,” Boland said. “We know there are a number of new (ethanol and biodiesel) plants that are being constructed around the state. … What this does is, it brings hundreds of construction workers to small towns … and a permanent work force of anywhere from 35 to 75 workers.”

The measure builds on similar legislation that passed last year that required the state to buy alternative fuel vehicles.

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