“Hood Up, Head Down and Alone with Thoughts”

John Davis

Will Steger Those are the words of Will Steger, famed Arctic explorer, now on a four-month-long, 1200-mile expedition across the Canadian Arctic’s Baffin Island.

Global Warming 101 So what is Steger trying to prove as today he and his sleddog team approach Iqaluit, Canada through -50 degree wind chills? Ironically enough, global warming.

Listen here to his audio dispatch from Day 5 that might be one of the most telling accounts of what global warming seems to be doing to at least this part of the world:
“The terrain is noticeably different than it was before. In particular, the snow conditions have changed. Very, very hard-packed snow conditions.”

“We didn’t see any tracks of wildlife… the migrations have changed.”

Meanwhile, his Global Warming 101 web site is providing updates on the effects to the local Inuits as his team travels from village to village:

During the week-long visits to each Inuit village, the team will listen to and document the Inuit’s experience with climate change. These collected images, sounds and stories will illustrate the dramatic climate-related changes happening in the Arctic: starving polar bears, retreating pack ice, melting glaciers, disrupted hunting and traveling, and the unraveling of a traditional way of life.

EPIC The ethanol industry, through the Ethanol Promotion and Information Council (EPIC) and Fagen, Inc., are natural sponsors for Steger’s expedition as both try to show there are better ways to treat the planet than our dependence on fossil fuels.

Check out updates including interactive maps, pictures,and even audio updates from Steger at the Global Warming 101 web site!

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