Additive to Reduce NOx Approved for Texas Biodiesel

John Davis

Oryxe California-based Oryxe Energy International has announced that Texas has approved the company’s biodiesel fuel additive, ORYXE LED for Biodiesel, for use in the state. In a release on the Oryxe web site, it’s touted as the first biodiesel additive to reduce NOx emissions. While biodiesel reduces other emissions, this additive will help the fuel reduce the damage done by NOx to the ozone:

There are so many benefits to biodiesel, and ORYXE Energy is pleased to offer a NOx solution that adds one more plus to the fuel,” says James M. Cleary, ORYXE Energy chairman and chief executive officer. “The approval of ORYXE LED for Biodiesel gives the state, biodiesel producers and consumers another tool to improve air quality.

The release goes on to point out that Texas is one of the largest biodiesel producers in the country with 15 major plants producing and more on the way. The state is expected top crank out 250-million gallons of biodiesel this year… double that of just a year ago.

Check out the Oryxe podcast on the subject here.