The Trickle Down of Biodiesel

John Davis

Often times we hear about the added value alternative fuels such as biodiesel and ethanol bring to an area. The Seattle, WA area will begin to see those effects as it opens a major biodiesel plant.

Imperium When it opens this summer, the Imperium Renewables plant is expected to produce 100 million gallons of biodiesel a year and will become the largest in the country. And all that biodiesel means increased shipping for the area. In fact, the Grays Harbor (WA) Daily World reports that port will see the number of cargo ships in and out of the harbor double.

Imperium officials promise moving the green fuel will keep things green for the environment:

Brian Young, Imperium Renewables’ director of business development, said the company will deal only with experienced shippers. Imperium has its own contingency plans should spills occur while ships are loading or unloading, he added.

“We are going to take every precaution just like we were a petroleum company. Our whole theory is that nothing should spill into the water,” he said.

Port officials cannot say exactly how much more money the increased traffic will bring, but Imperium will be using smaller tankers to bring in the raw materials and barges and tugs to ship out the biodiesel.