Senators Defend Ethanol Tariff

Cindy Zimmerman

Grassley Two Republican senators voiced concerns Wednesday about a potential U.S.-Brazil ethanol accord.

Iowa Senator Charles Grassley says he welcomes the President’s efforts to increase ethanol consumption through a partnership with Brazil because “God only made so much oil.” However, he said “We want to welcome it from a standpoint that United States taxpayers are not subsidizing competition,” which he says would happen if the tariff on Brazilian ethanol imports were eliminated.

ThuneSouth Dakota Republican John Thune argues that elimination of the tariff is counter-productive to the intention of developing a strong domestic ethanol industry. “This is something that is very good for American agricultural producers,” he said. “So it doesn’t make sense for us to be trying to develop that industry elsewhere around the world nor to make us dependent on a foreign source of energy when the whole purpose is to become less dependent on foreign sources of energy.”

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