Let the Market Sort it Out

Cindy Zimmerman

Cindy and Dean To anyone concerned about high grain prices, the impact of biofuels on the livestock industry, or whether we will have enough corn to meet all needs, Dean Kleckner has just one message: “Let the market sort it out.”

Kleckner is the chairman of Truth About Trade & Technology, an industry group that is pro-trade and pro-biotechnology. He is also a hog and grain farmer from Iowa who served for 14 years as president of the country’s largest farm organization, the American Farm Bureau Federation. During an interview at the 2007 Commodity Classic, he said his biggest concern about the biofuels boom and competition for corn is the government.

“Will there be enough corn?” he asks. “My short answer is yes, if the darn government just stays out of it.” In other words, let the market sort it out. “The market will make the decisions if we let it.”

He expects the next few years to be tough for livestock producers with higher grain prices. As a hog farmer, Kleckner says “I’m concerned about it,” but he believes it will all work out in the long run.

Listen to an interview with Dean here: Listen to MP3 File Dean Kleckner Interview (12 min MP3)

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