Classic Flex Fuel Vehicles

Cindy Zimmerman

NEVC BoothNational Ethanol Vehicle Coalition is just one of several ethanol-related exhibitors at the 2007 Commodity Classic in Tampa this week. Staff members Michelle Kautz and Haley Wansing were giving away t-shirts to growers who signed up at the booth to receive regular e-mail updates from the organization.

Greg Krissek of ICM is NEVC’s Chairman of the Board and he was at the booth in the trade show talking with farmers about how provides consumers with a one-stop resource for information about E-85 ethanol-enriched fuel and the vehicles that use it.

Greg KrissekOne of the highlights of the NEVC website is an online E-85 pump finder which he says the staff works very hard to keep updated. He says that there continues to be a very high level of interest in E-85 and that the crowd here seem to be very knowledgeable about it.

Listen to an interview with Greg done by Chuck Zimmerman as part of the Commodity Classic podcast series: Listen to MP3 File Greg Krissek Interview (6 min MP3)

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