Another Biodiesel Plant on the Way for New Mexico

John Davis

Just as I posted the article on New Mexico’s State House passing a biodiesel standard, I found this AP story in the High Plains Journal that says a 75-million-gallon-a-year plant will be built near Clovis to convert animal fat from feedlots into biodiesel:

Dallas-based American Renewable Fuels, a subsidiary of Australian Renewable Fuels Ltd., plans to begin construction on its plant this summer.

Ross Garrity, chief executive of American Renewable Fuels, said one of the reasons his company chose New Mexico was that the state doesn’t have a large biodiesel industry.

“After talking with the governor, it became very apparent to me that New Mexico was very aggressive in wanting our business in the state,”

Maybe not a big industry, yet… but there’s also another 15-million-gallon-a-year plant under construction near Clovis (see my post from last month). Throw in the new biodiesel requirement working its way through the state legislature, and the state could be poised for something big. Stay tuned…