New Biodiesel Plant in the Works in Missouri

John Davis

Westminster College Fulton, Missouri… home of Westminster College, which is home of Winston Churchill’s famous “Iron Curtain” speech… could soon be home to Missouri’s newest biodiesel plant. The city’s council has approved a plan to have a 10-million-gallon-a-year refinery on a parcel of land owned by the city.

The Fulton (MO) Sun reports local businessman Boyd Ware will serve as the facility’s chief investor and general manager:

Ware said the Fulton facility would be able to convert a variety of “feed stocks” – including soybean, peanut and canola oils – into biodiesel. He said animal fats such as cooking grease are another feed stock option, and often can be obtained as waste for little or no cost.

“There’s a market for these that has not been tapped into or utilized,” Ware said.

There are three other biodiesel plants in Missouri with another five in the works.