The State of the Ethanol Industry

Chuck Zimmerman

Bob DinneenThe Reverend of Renewable Fuels and the President/CEO of the Renewable Fuels Association, Bob Dinneen, gave his annual State of the Ethanol Industry speech this morning here at the National Ethanol Conference.

Bob says that “We have met the nattering nabobs of negativity, and we have soared.” In a word, he says the ethanol industry is sound. You can listen to Bob’s full speech here and I’ll post a link to the text of his speech as soon as I get it.

Post Update: Here’s a link to the speech: State of the Ethanol Industry (Word doc)

Bob’s speech is filled with current facts and figures on the industry like the fact that in 2006, the ethanol industry:

  • Increased gross output by $41 Billion;
  • Supported the creation of 163,000 jobs, including 20,000 in the manufacturing sector;
  • Put an additional $6.7 Billion into the pockets of American consumers;
  • Added $2.7 Billion in new tax revenue for the federal governmant and $2.2 Billion for state and local treasuries.
  • You can listen to Bob’s opening speech here: Listen to MP3 File Bob Dinneen State of the Industry Speech (25 min MP3)

    Follow all the proceedings of the conference on the National Ethanol Conference blog.

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