Company Announces “100% Green” Biofuels Technology

Cindy Zimmerman

Diversified Arizona-based Diversified Energy, has announced a “breakthrough biofuels technology” that they say “offers a “100% green” biofuel product containing no fossil fuel components.”

According to a company release, the patent-pending process, termed Centia™, “provides several key advantages when compared with other biofuel processes like biodiesel, ethanol and others.”

Centia™, a name derived from Crudus Potentia (meaning “green power” in Latin), can utilize feedstock oils from edible and inedible animal fats, waste oils, agriculture crops like soybean, algae, newly proposed energy crops, or any other lipid-based feedstock.

Diversified is developing Centia through an exclusive worldwide licensing agreement with North Carolina State University.

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