Chevy Shoots for Sequel Debut in 2010

John Davis

A heads up from our friends at… GM wants to debut a production version of the Sequel… the latest generation fuel cell vehicle using lithium-ion batteries to produce kinetic energy from simply braking and a third-generation General Motors fuel cell. This from

SequelThe Sequel shares traits aplenty with GM’s Chevy Volt, specifically the shared electric motor for the front wheels, with in-hub motors for both rear wheels.

And AutoblogGreen says:

Most likely GM will follow a model similar to the one Honda will be using starting in 2008 for the production version of the FCX. The FCX will be built initially in low volumes with availability limited to locations that have some hydrogen filling stations such as California and Florida.

There are two prototypes of the Sequel already under testing. A large-scale field trial of the technology begins this year with 100 outfitted Chevy Equinoxes hitting the road.

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