Natural Gas Solution

Cindy Zimmerman

Bioenergy Solutions A California-based company will begin providing natural gas created from animal waste to the state’s largest electricity provider by this summer.

BioEnergy Solutions, a Central Valley waste-to-energy company, announced an agreement with Pacific Gas & Electric Company to deliver renewable electricity to customers in central and northern California. BioEnergy Solutions is expected to break ground on the project in the spring and begin delivering renewable natural gas to PG&E in the summer.

BioEnergy Solutions’ first project will be Albers’ Vintage Dairy, located in Fresno County, California. Manure from the farm’s 3,000 dairy cows will be flushed into covered lagoons that will trap the methane gas produced as the manure decomposes. The methane will be “scrubbed” to remove carbon dioxide and corrosive materials to meet PG&E standards for power plants, then delivered to PG&E through the utility’s pipeline and used to produce renewable energy for California consumers.

BioEnergy Solutions is a subsidiary of American Dairy Parks, LLC which develops sustainable, vertically integrated farming operations that include crop farming, milk production, milk processing and waste-to-energy facilities.