Ciba Introduces Chemical to Stabilize Biodiesel

John Davis

Ciba logo Switzerland-based chemical company Ciba Specialty Chemicals has come up with a biodiesel additive touted to protect against degradation and oxidation to help extend the storage life of biodiesel. According to a press release on the company’s web site, the chemical will help make fuel quality consistent… no matter what the feedstock and process… and that will help the biodiesel meet certain industry and global standards:

As with other natural substances, if left untreated, biodiesel is susceptible to oxidative degradation. Degradation of biodiesel leads to the formation of lower molecular weight acids, peroxides and gums that can result in unwanted changes in both the properties and performance of biodiesel. These deposits and gums can result in damage to the engine and fuel injection systems.

Ciba says the chemical… known as Ciba IRGASTAB BD 100… can be introduced during production, storage, or even use, and it does not have to be pre-dissolved.

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