Eye on Biodiesel Award – Brie Mathews & Mike Ferry

Chuck Zimmerman

Brie Mathews & Mide Ferry AwardEach year the National Biodiesel Board bestows the “Eye on Biodiesel” awards, designed to recognize individuals and groups who have advanced the board’s mission of public education and industry growth. The awards were presented by NBB Chairman Darryl Brinkmann (left) and NBB CEO Joe Jobe (right). Award for:

Inspiration – Brie Mathews and Mike Ferry/San Francisco Fire Department.
The San Francisco Fire Department has been conducting a pilot program to use B20 in some of its fire trucks, engines and an ambulance, with plans to go department-wide. The program takes place in the southeastern section of San Francisco, an area that consistently experiences the city’s poorest air quality. Ferry’s and Mathew’s idea served as a springboard for expected citywide use of B20 by the end of 2007.

Listen to the presentation with Brie & Mike here: Listen To MP3 Brie Mathews & Mike Ferry Presentation (3 min MP3)

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