Eye on Biodiesel Award – Bill & Cindy Mack

Chuck Zimmerman

Bill & Cindy Mack AwardEach year the National Biodiesel Board bestows the “Eye on Biodiesel” awards, designed to recognize individuals and groups who have advanced the board’s mission of public education and industry growth. The awards were presented by NBB Chairman Darryl Brinkmann (left) and NBB CEO Joe Jobe (right). Award for:

Influencer – Bill and Cindy Mack.
Bill and Cindy Mack, known and admired by U.S. truckers, have significantly increased the awareness of biodiesel in that large market. Bill Mack, XM Radio’s “Satellite Cowboy,” not only recently helped kick off the Biodiesel Hotline, 866-BIODIESEL, but he and Cindy have spoken about biodiesel on “Open Road” the past few years. “Truckers are committed to using biodiesel and we get a lot of calls from truckers looking for biodiesel on the road,” said Bill. “We want to do whatever we can to help them find biodiesel. We believe it is the right thing for America.” They often send listeners to NBB’s Web site, biodiesel.org, as well as to NBB’s “Biotrucker” information; and they have regularly spent entire shows discussing only biodiesel, often with guest Willie Nelson.

Listen to the presentation with Cindy & Bill here: Listen To MP3 Cindy & Bill Mack Presentation (4 min MP3)

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