Market Ethanol to Women

Cindy Zimmerman

Jeff at MeredithA new survey indicates that the ethanol industry might want to consider getting women more pumped up about ethanol.

The survey was conducted by sending 9,000 emails to women readers of magazines published by Meredith Corporation, which includes some of the oldest and most popular, such as Better Homes and Gardens, Ladies Home Journal and Family Circle.

Of the 17 percent who responded to the survey, 63 percent of the respondents said they are familiar with ethanol but only 14 percent buy it at the pump.

The survey was released Tuesday at a biofuels forum in Des Moines sponsored by Successful Farming magazine, another Meredith publication. Among the forum participants was Team Ethanol IndyCar driver Jeff Simmons, pictured here with Successful Farming business editor Dan Looker.

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