BioWillie on the Web

John Davis

Bio Willie 2
The distributor of Willie Nelson’s BioWillie® brand biodiesel, Earth Biofuels, has launched a new website. According to this Earth Biofuels release, the site,, is supposed to help inform customers on company developments and where they can get BioWillie® biodiesel.

From the BioWillie website:

All Americans understand the importance of reducing our dependence on foreign oil. Long or short haul carriers understand that every gallon we grow from our nation’s crops reduces what we buy from foreign soil.

BioWillie® is sold at 17 locations in five states. The BioWillie website also includes updates of where to get BioWillie® and the progress of a new truckstop called Willie’s Place at Carl’s Corner… about an hour south of Dallas, TX on Interstate 35 expected to open this summer. It even tells fans where to find the legendary country singer.