A Cattleman’s Perspective

Chuck Zimmerman

Mike John & John QueenThis week I’ve been attending the Cattle Industry Convention and like last week at the International Poultry Expo the buzz word is ethanol. I’ve heard it in the hallways and I’ve heard it in presentations. This morning I interviewed Mike John on the left and John Queen on the right. Mike’s the outgoing president of the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association and John is the incoming. The changeover takes place tomorrow.

I asked them about the challenges they faced and will face in the cattle business and asked them about ethanol and the price impact to their industry for feed. They know that in the short time it’s creating some challenges and make it clear that whatever policy action NCBA takes on this issue, it will come from the grass roots membership.

Download and listen to my interview with them here: John-John Interview (4 min. MP3 File)

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