Biodiesel Conference Overview

Chuck Zimmerman

Once again this year I’ll be the biodiesel blogger at the National Biodiesel Conference which kicks off this weekend in San Antonio. I’ll be posting pictures, interviews and video clips during the conference. To get us started I interviewed National Biodiesel Board CEO, Joe Jobe. Joe gives us an overview of what we can expect.

You can listen to my interview with Joe here: Listen To MP3 Joe Jobe Conference Overview Interview (7 min MP3)

Remember that all my interviews will be podcast so you can subscribe to them in your favorite podcatching software (I recommend iTunes). You can find out more about how to subscribe here. This will be episode 22 since all the original 21 interviews from last year are still available to you.

We also have a conference blog sponsor this year and want to welcome and thank John Deere. This means you’ll be seeing the following tagline in all my posts:

Domestic Fuel coverage of the National Biodiesel Conference
sponsored by John Deere.

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