Farmergy Acquires Missouri Valley Renewable Energy

John Davis

FarmergySt. Louis-based Farmergy… a provider of technology to help farmers and ranchers “get off the grid”… has bought Missouri Valley Renewable Energy, a company touted as a leader in Missouri for renewable energy sources. MOVRE was founded in 2000 by Henry Rentz, after an extended power outage left his farm and home without the capability to pump water or provide refrigeration. According to a Farmergy press release, Rentz, the former CEO of MOVRE, now will join Farmergy as a part of its management team:

“A critical component of our success at Farmergy will be our ability to effectively install a vast array of clean energy solutions for farmers and ranchers across the country,” says Mark Green, Farmergy president and chief executive officer. “Henry’s intimate knowledge of both agriculture and the renewable energy industry will be invaluable to us as he designs and implements our national certified installer program.”

The release goes on to say that Farmergy-certified installers will make sure that customers get the best installation for whatever energy source they choose.

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