Poll Shows Support for Government Involvement in Alternative Fuels

Cindy Zimmerman

A new poll indicates that 85% of American voters think that the government should be involved in the development of alternative fuels.
graphAccording to a release from the Renewable Fuels Association, the poll was conducted by The Winston Group prior to President Bush’s State of the Union speech. It also found that 84% of voters think that the government should provide incentives for the production of alternative fuels like ethanol to reduce dependence on imported oil.

In addition to their belief that ethanol contributes to reducing oil imports, 88% of American voters believe that the development of the domestic ethanol industry helps create jobs and is beneficial to the overall economy.

Another poll question found that 84% of American voters believe that producing domestic ethanol from corn is an important step to an expanded ethanol industry based on switch grass and other plant and waste materials.

Read poll results report here.

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