Louisville Schools Switch to Biodiesel

John Davis

Another major city is using greener burning biodiesel… this time for the school district’s buses. The Louisville (Kentucky) Courier-Journal reports that the Jefferson County Public School District has switched its entire 1000+ bus fleet to biodiesel.JCPS

Jefferson County uses a blend containing just 2 percent biodiesel but will consider increasing that to a 20 percent mix, which can reduce particulate matter, carbon monoxide, unburned hydrocarbons and sulfur pollution by as much as 21 percent, studies show.

Although a 2 percent blend reduces emissions far less, it adds up in a 97,000-student district that burns 2.5 million gallons of fuel a year and drives 85,000 miles each day, environmental advocates say.

“It’s important because Louisville has struggled with air pollution,” said Elizabeth Robb, an environmental specialist with the Kentucky Division for Air Quality.

Officials also expect it to be better for the kids as diesel fuel emissions have been blamed for increased rates of asthma, lung disease, and cancer.