Domestic Fuel Industry Reaction

Cindy Zimmerman

Some biofuel organizations were reacting to the president’s State of the Union address even before it was given.RFA

A statement from Renewable Fuels Association president Bob Dinneen was emailed to the media over two hours before the speech.

“Recognizing the potential of our nation’s ethanol industry, President Bush used the unique forum of the State of the Union Address to elevate the significance of ethanol and renewable fuels to our nation’s energy future by calling for 35 billion gallons of alternative fuel use by 2017,” said Dinneen. “With consistent and focused policies, this is an eminently achievable goal. It will stimulate new investment in cellulosic ethanol technologies and drive market opportunities for ethanol beyond existing blend levels. It is a goal that makes sense for America.”

RFA will hold a telephone press conference Wednesday morning to address the president’s remarks with reporters.


The National Biodiesel Board issued a release immediately following the address.

“We are glad to see that the President’s Twenty in Ten plan includes strong steps toward renewable energy, energy conservation and diversification, and carbon reduction,” said Joe Jobe, CEO of the National Biodiesel Board. “We hope Congress will work with the Administration in a bipartisan way to enact this kind of bold new energy policy for the good of all Americans.”

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