More Biofuels Education Needed

Cindy Zimmerman

Despite the tremendous growth in ethanol and biodiesel production over the past year, consumers still lack a basic understanding of biofuels benefits and availability.

That’s the findings of a just-released consumer survey commissioned by Pavilion Technologies and conducted by Harris Interactive.Pav Tech

Despite a surge in production and government support, only a fraction of adult drivers in the United States (5%) currently use biofuels such as an ethanol-blend fuel or biodiesel. Education and availability prove to be stumbling blocks on the road to making ethanol a market staple.

The survey found that not only do drivers lack awareness about biofuels, many are misinformed on the subject. Forty-four percent of drivers agreed that they do not understand the difference between biofuels and conventional gasoline. One in four drivers who do not use a biofuel (25%) indicated that they do not know what it is. The overall survey results suggest that many consumers are not aware that ethanol is cheaper and better for the environment than traditional gasoline and that many cars on the road today can run on ethanol blends without modification.

Other findings of the study:

Fifty-seven percent of drivers are not sure whether biofuels are more, less, or equally as expensive as traditional gasoline or diesel fuel.

Fifty-seven percent of drivers who do not use a biofuel say it is because they do not think their car can run on it.

Nearly half (47%) of drivers who do not use biofuels say they do not know where to buy them.

Of drivers who currently do not use biofuels, the overwhelming majority (95%) indicated that they could be encouraged to make the switch.

A full copy of research findings, images, and ethanol industry resources is available on-line at the Pavilloin Technologies website. Findings will also be revealed in a webcast, available for viewing at the same location on February 1.

According to their website, Pavilion is the leading supplier of control software solutions to the U.S. ethanol industry.

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