Upcoming Biomass Conference

John Davis

Mark your calendars for Biomass and Biorefinery Deals 2007 March 26th-28th in Washington, D.C. Industry leaders along with government officials, and equity and venture financiers will get together at D.C.’s AED Conference Center to discuss the financial end of biomass operations.

They will address federal incentives and programs for the development of new biomass energy projects, as well as the potential for extension of current tax incentives and implementation of more federal legislation under the incoming Congress. They will examine the prospects for obtaining financing from private equity and other “new” sources, offering helpful hints on how to take advantage on the diverse revenue streams possible in these deals and optimally structure deals to fully capture the value of bio-energy projects and assure financing. Finally, they will review some of the practical issues involved in developing and financing projects using diverse feedstocks, technologies and revenue sources.

Gotta make at least SOME money to make an industry viable, and it looks like this conference will give some insight on how to best use government money and private finvestment and how to attract in those sources of investment.

Biodiesel, Ethanol, Government