State of the Union Speculation

Cindy Zimmerman

The anticipation is mounting for President Bush’s 2007 State of the Union address to be made on January 23. The media is already busy speculating about what the president will talk about, with stories out this week that global warming will be on the teleprompter, although the White House is denying reports that Bush will advocate mandatory emissions caps in an effort to combat global warming.

Spokesman Tony Snow said, “If you’re talking about enforceable carbon caps, in terms of industrywide and nation wide, we knocked that down. That’s not something we’re talking about.”

However, promoting alternative energy sources such as hydrogen and ethanol is expected to be emphasized in his speech, as it was last year. Such alternatives would be in line with White House support of voluntary steps to curb greenhouse emissions.

Reuters and other news outlets are saying that Bush “is likely to call for a massive increase in how much fuel ethanol that U.S. refiners must mix with gasoline in coming years.”

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