New York to Get First Commercial Biodiesel Plant

John Davis

A former brewery in New York state will soon be brewing up biodiesel. Officials with GS AgriFuels have announced a partnership with Homeland Energy to build a biodiesel plant at the site of the old Miller Brewing Company plant in Fulton. Homeland Energy already has an ethanol plant adjacent to the site.

In a release on Business Wire, GS AgriFuels President and Chief Executive Officer, Thomas Scozzafava, says “We are pleased to have been able to partner with Homeland Energy and participate in this, our first majority-owned biofuels production facility. I’m proud to be involved with a project that will re-utilize an existing industrial facility to produce clean fuels that will benefit both the central New York economy and its environment.”

The 10-million gallon-a-year plant will use some of the old brewing equipment and storage tanks already in place and is expected to begin production later this year.