Discover Wisconsin on Ethanol

Cindy Zimmerman

Wisc Ethanol The first Choice Destination for 2007 on “Discover Wisconsin” isn’t so much a destination as a way of getting there.

The latest episode of the state’s tourism television show focuses on Wisconsin’s role in the domestic fuels industry, specifically E85. According to the show’s website:

With car manufacturers like GM offering a variety of E85-friendly vehicles, the new fuel is helping residents get to their favorite Wisconsin drive-to destinations with more money in their pockets. E85 is often cheaper than traditional gasoline – and most drivers don’t see a noticeable difference in gas mileage. In addition, we’ll take a look at some General Motors E85/flex-fuel vehicles, and dispel some myths associated with the fuel. We’ll tour the Chevy plant in Janesville to learn about what makes their vehicles different from regular gasoline vehicles. Finally, we’ll unveil a very special way that we at Discover Wisconsin are committed to the use of E85 fuel.

“Live Green – E85” will air January 6 and 7 on stations in and around Wisconsin.

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