Ethanol Wins New Lottery Game

Cindy Zimmerman

KS Lottery The newest scratch ticket lottery game in Kansas is offering an E85 vehicle as a grand prize, according to a release from the Kansas Lottery.

The new Truck & Bucks game was developed by the Lottery, in partnership with the 3i Show and the GMC Division of General Motors. Players will have a chance to win a 2007 GMC Sierra E85 Crew Cab Pickup in a second-chance drawing.

At a news conference in the State Capitol, Governor Sebelius showed an oversized version of the new ticket and said the choice of a grand prize is a good one.

“By offering an E85 vehicle as a grand prize, the Lottery and its partners are helping promote an industry that is increasingly important to Kansas,” said Governor Sebelius. “Demand for ethanol is creating a growing market for Kansas grain.”

Read full release from Kansas Lottery.

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