Happ-e Holidays from EPIC & ZimmComm

Cindy Zimmerman

EPIC Christmas The friendly folks at the Ethanol Promotion and Information Council would like to wish everyone “Gallons of Good Tidings” for the holiday season and the new year.

EPIC is a nonprofit alliance of ethanol industry leaders who have come together to grow consumer demand for ethanol energy through targeted marketing. Like the rest of the ethanol industry, EPIC has experienced tremendous growth over the last year and is looking at a bright future.

Over 120 ethanol producing companies, industry partners and affiliates are currently members of the alliance and more are joining every day.

EPIC is our original and ongoing sponsor and they’ve made it possible for us to bring you the best and latest news and information on the renewable fuels industry. We at ZimmComm would like to thank them and all of you who have made Domestic Fuel a great resource and so much fun to do. We also wish you a happy holiday season and are going to take a break until next Tuesday before we post again. Posting will be light through January 2 and then it’s pedal to the metal in 2007.