Ethanol Swap Contracts Successful

Cindy Zimmerman

CBOT The Chicago Board of Trade has successfully launched clearing services for two new over-the-counter Ethanol Calendar Swap contracts with the clearing of 60 contracts last week.

The new products, forward and previous month calendar swaps, are based on the price of CBOT Ethanol futures contracts and are the first exchange-cleared OTC products to be specifically tailored for use in the ethanol industry.

CBOT Senior Vice President of Business Development, Robert D. Ray said, “As the ethanol market continues to grow and mature, the CBOT, in close collaboration with our clients will continue to create new and innovative opportunities and services for the ethanol industry. The CBOT Ethanol Calendar Swap contracts are a perfect example of this collaborative process, providing a standard, transparent reference price to the OTC market, while reducing counterparty risk.”

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