Cellulosic Ethanol Research Moving Forward

Cindy Zimmerman

Dyadic Dyadic International, Inc. of Florida and Abengoa Bioenergy recently entered into a three-year research agreement to commercially develop a cost-effective enzyme production system for cellulosic ethanol.

Abengoa Bioenergy is considered to be the second largest ethanol producer in the world with production facilities located in Europe and the USA. Dyadic pioneered the stone-free method used to make “stone-washed” blue jeans with an enzyme isolated from a fungus which they are now redesigning to use in ethanol production.

Dyadic’s President and CEO Mark Emalfarb says “Abengoa Bioenergy is a visionary company and an important first partner for Dyadic for its biorefineries business. Additional partners will stand to benefit not only from access to Dyadic’s technologies specific to their area of interest but also from the core technology development program that is fundamental to efficient production of ethanol, other biofuels, polymers and other chemicals from biomass, thereby reducing our dependence on foreign oil.”

Read the release from Dyadic.

Listen to an interview with Dyadic officials about this technology from a previous post. Dyadic Interview (8:00 MP3)

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