Monsanto Adopts Bean-Powered Buses

Cindy Zimmerman

Monsanto Bean BusMonsanto Company employees are now riding shuttles operating on 20 percent biodiesel.

According to a company release, the three on-campus shuttles that provide employee transportation around the Monsanto campus in St. Louis are now operating on B20 biodiesel fuel. Monsanto

The new, smaller shuttles will result in a three mile-per-gallon efficiency increase and a 20 percent savings in fuel costs. The cleaner burning biodiesel will provide a 20 percent reduction of unburned hydrocarbon emissions, and a 12 percent reduction in both particulate matter and carbon monoxide emissions.

The picture, provided by Monsanto, shows members of the American Soybean Association who joined Monsanto representatives for the inaguaration of the biodiesel shuttle service.

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