Cattlemen Urge Free Market For Ethanol

Cindy Zimmerman

NE CattleThe Nebraska Cattlemen are all for ethanol, but not so much for mandates.

The organization adopted resolutions addressing ethanol markets and mandates at it’s recent annual meeting, according to a news release.

One resolution supports a transition to a market based approach for the usage and production of ethanol and opposes any additional federal or state mandates for ethanol usage and/or production.

Nebraska Cattlemen has worked closely with corn and ethanol organizations to foster mutually beneficial programs and policies. All three industries recognize the interdependence. “We’ve participated in their meetings and visa versa,” NC President Jay Wolf said. “We have a good relationship with them and we’ve all committed to maintain that for the benefit of each of the memberships and for Nebraska in general.”

With regard to national energy policy, Nebraska Cattlemen favors the implementation of a variable import to prevent the price of oil, and its derivatives from dropping below long-term equilibrium prices.

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