Talking Biofuels in Kansas City

Chuck Zimmerman

Lyle OrwigCindy and I are attending the National Association of Farm Broadcasters Convention in Kansas City this week. It follows the National Agri-Marketing Association’s Agribusiness Forum. I’m sure we’ll have several posts for you over the next few days that will include interviews with some people we hope you’ll find interesting. For example, at yesterday’s Forum session one of the presenters was Lyle Orwig, Charleston/Orwig. He’s being interviewed afterward during the break by Roger Ward, a farm broadcaster. Lyle was talking about the biofuels impact on food companies and their suppliers.

Another presenter on his panel was Hugh Whaley, Osborn & Barr Communications. Hugh was representing the soybean industry and the United Soybean Board in particular. He says that there was a lot of interest from the group in the kinds of soybean varieties that are in development that will help provide more oil for both food and fuel use. He also says that feeding soybeans to animals is still the biggest use of the commodity but that may be challenged in the future as the biofuels business grows.

You can hear my interview with Hugh here: Listen To MP3 Hugh Whaley Interview (4 min MP3)

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