US Farms Studies

Cindy Zimmerman

US Farms US Farms, Inc. and Imperial Ethanol, Inc. are doing a feasibility study for an ethanol plant to be located in Imperial Valley, Ca. BBI International will be doing the study.

According to a US Farms press release, US Farms president Yan K. Skwara said, “BBI will be targeting at utilizing sugar cane and corn as feed stocks for Ethanol in this study. Corn was chosen since the distillers grain by product produced from the process is consumed by the beef and dairy industry. This would be an asset to the project due to the amount of cattle currently in the Imperial Valley. The demand for Ethanol in California alone will outpace our production capabilities, leaving enormous potential for future growth.”

Imperial Ethanol intends to break ground next year on a facility that will have the capacity to produce 35-50 million gallons initially with capabilities of expanding to double the production of 70-100 million gallons per year.

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