Biofuels Could Complicate WTO

Cindy Zimmerman

WTO The International Food and Agricultural Policy Trade Council has conducted the first comprehensive assessment of how World Trade Organization disciplines may apply to the rapidly expanding biofuels sector.

The study sets out key WTO issues that need to be clarified, such as the classification of biofuels and their feedstocks and whether they are to be considered industrial, agricultural or environmental goods. It also examines how subsidies to promote the production of biofuels might be evaluated in a WTO context, including the issue of possible cross-subsidization of by products. Lastly, it examines the WTO consistency of certain domestic regulations and standards, such as mandates, fuel content requirements, or sustainability import criteria.

Read the paper here.

Listen to a report from USDA Radio News reporter Brenda Curtis here: Listen To MP3 Brenda (1:30 min MP3)

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