Biodiesel Report Available

Cindy Zimmerman

SRIC SRI Consulting recently released its new Biodiesel Report that provides comprehensive and current information on the global biodiesel industry and trends.

According to an SRI news release:

Author and Vice President at SRIC Ralf Gubler said, “Over the last year, the biodiesel industry has changed dramatically. For example, the average biodiesel plant in Western Europe produced about 40 thousand metric tons last year. In 2006, the average capacity is expected to be 100 thousand metric tons. Also, other regions are planning to have the same capacity within two years.”

The report provides in depth coverage on supply and demand, feedstock issues, production technologies, and regulatory, environmental and agricultural issues for over 60 individual countries. In over 500 pages and 280 tables, the report details 15 years of historical and five years of projected supply/demand figures on a country-by-country level.

For additional information about the Biodiesel Report, see