“Buy the Bus” to Promote E85

Cindy Zimmerman

Buy Bus Two Boulder, Colorado residents are on a mission to promote E-85 by bus.

Self-described dedicated environmentalists Jason and Tracey Keeley have “organized Buy the Bus to fund an eight-month tour of key locations in the United States, during which they will spread the word about E85.”

Tracey and Jason’s combined passion for the great outdoors has culminated in Buy the Bus, an advertising campaign designed to help spread the word about E85. Starting in April of 2007, Jason and Tracey will tour the United States for eight months, educating the American people about ethanol fuel. The Volkswagon Bus they will use will also be converted so that it can run on E85, which Jason and Tracey will use religiously.

Buy the Bus allows businesses to buy advertisement space on the Volkswagen Bus in which they will make the trip. The bus will see about 8,000 miles of highway, guaranteeing broad exposure for the advertisements it carries with it. Additionally, the ads will remain on the Buy the Bus website, as well as the real bus, for three years. Advertising space costs $1 per pixel, sold in blocks of 100, which translates to 3” by 3” blocks on the real bus.

Read more here and at BuytheBus.com.

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