Current MN Lt. Gov. Knows E85

Cindy Zimmerman

MN Lt. Gov The job of lieutenant governor is rarely noticed, but when the running mate of the challenger in the Minnesota governor’s race appeared to show ignorance of ethanol this week, the current holder of the position did get some attention.

And no one can say that Lt. Gov. Carol Molnau is ignorant when it comes to ethanol. As a corn farmer from near New Ulm, part of Molnau’s income depends on the renewable fuel, according to this story from the Austin Daily Herald.

Molnau, who farms with her husband east of New Ulm, said during a campaign visit to Austin Friday that they finished harvesting their corn last week, and that some of their yield will be going into ethanol.

“The best part of E-85 is there’s a lot of demand for the corn,” Molnau said, which drives prices paid to farmers up. “This morning my husband told me the delivery price is $2.81, and that’s what E-85 has done for rural Minnesota.”

Here’s another story on Molnau from the Albert Lea Tribune

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