E85 Pump Hearings

Cindy Zimmerman

E85 Underwriters Laboratories and the U.S. Department of Energy are holding two days of hearings this week at the testing group’s headquarters outside Chicago, inviting oil companies, automakers and researchers to help develop standards for E85 equipment.

The National Ethanol Vehicle Association is “confident” that the meeting will address E85 pump safety concerns that first surfaced in an October 5 memo from Underwriters Laboratory.

According to a press release from NEVC, UL has issued a follow up document “that should serve to assuage most concerns that have been voiced by local Fire Marshals and others with jurisdiction.”

Phil Lampert, Executive Director of the NEVC said, “We have personally met with the Director of Government Affairs for UL and have had daily conversations with senior UL management. We believe that much of the current confusion has been addressed with the subsequent UL E85 update announcements. Our management and staff are working very closely with UL officials and will be attending a technical meeting to discuss this matter. We are confident that UL is aggressively addressing this matter and are working with them to establish proper certification standards.”

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