Secretaries Stump for Cellulosic

Cindy Zimmerman

Mike Johanns energy secretaryThe US Secretaries of Energy and Agriculture each talked about the need for cellulosic ethanol in two different venues this week.

Energy Secretary Sam Bodman speaking at the Chicagoland Innovation Summit on Tuesday said ethanol is America’s best alternative energy source for the future, but researchers must develop a material other than corn to make it from. According to a Dow Jones report, “Eventually, we’re going to run out of the ability to make ethanol from corn,” Bodman told Dow Jones Newswires after the speech.

Meanwhile, Agriculture Secretary Mike Johanns was in Minnesota meeting “with state and local leaders Tuesday to talk up the emerging technology of cellulosic ethanol production – making ethanol from wood chips, corn stalks, alfalfa and other biomass types,” according to this Associated Press report. Johanns also said corn-based ethanol can’t meet the nation’s demand.

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