Support for Biofuels Investment

Cindy Zimmerman

BIO A new survey from the Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO) shows strong support for government investment in biofuels research.

According to a press release:

Four in five U.S. adults (80%) strongly or somewhat agree that national and state governments are not doing enough to promote production of biofuels.

The survey, conducted by Harris Interactive®, also found that 82% of adults say national and state governments should provide financial incentives to biofuels producers to encourage the production and availability of biofuels. More than two out of three adults (69%) would use American-made biofuels even if these fuels cost slightly more than conventional gas. And more than eight of every 10 (84%) say they would be at least somewhat likely to support federal and state political candidates who favor providing incentives to promote increased production and availability of biofuels throughout the United States.

Not seeing much on this in the general media, but the farm media has stories out on it.

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