Renewables in the News

Cindy Zimmerman

The Advancing Renewable Fuels Conference in St. Louis last week received very extensive national and even international coverage. Here’s just a sampling of links to stories from reporters who were on the scene:

From the international press, Deutsche Presse-Agentur: Speaking to a meeting on renewable energy in St Louis, Missouri, Bush hailed the savings at the petrol pump for truck drivers, small businesses and average consumers.
And the BBC: US President George W Bush has welcomed falling petrol prices as “good news” but said he did not want the decline to put off work on alternative fuels.

On the national level:
Reuters correspondents Tom Doggett and Lisa Haarlander
: President Bush on Thursday said that falling gasoline prices are “good news” for consumers, but said he was worried that lower pump costs would stunt development of alternative energy fuels. The article devoted a sentence to the anti-war heckler and finished off with the USDA report out Thursday that calls for a lower carry-over for corn.

UPI Energy Correspondent Krishnadev Calamur (via Monsters and Critics): Just how far along ethanol is in satisfying U.S. energy needs depends on whom you ask. This piece focuses on the back-to-back comments of ethanol entrepreneur Vinod Khosla and American Petroleum Institute president Red Cavaney.

New York Times correspondent Alexei Barrionuevo: With a tailwind of strong political support behind them, advocates for renewable fuels declared Thursday that ethanol is here to stay and issued a call for greater research and investment to solve the challenges still preventing broader use. This guy used quotes from most of the major speakers.

Associated Press: A century ago, Henry Ford’s Model T was the first flexible-fuel vehicle, running on gas, ethanol or both, and the automaker foretold the future when he said fuel could be gotten from fruit, weeds, sawdust, or anything else that could be fermented.
The story, as told by Archer Daniels Midland’s CEO Patricia Woertz, resonated with her audience at a national renewable energy conference here Wednesday.
Lots of comments from various speakers in this article also.

Houston Chronicle Washington Bureau, Julie Mason
: President Bush warned on Thursday that while gasoline prices are coming down, America shouldn’t get complacent about energy. This story ends with reaction from the DNC that President Bush’s energy proposals are just a “token” effort.

From the farm media
Jerilyn Johnson with Farm Futures: Bush addressed an estimated crowd of 1,500 people, including many representing the agriculture industry, at the Advancing Renewable Energy Conference Oct. 12 in St. Louis.
Marcia Zarley Taylor of Top Producer on Ag Web: President George Bush reiterated his support for renewable energy Thursday, saying it was appropriate for Americans to change their habits, no matter what price they are paying at the gas pump now.

On a more local level, Steve Kraske of the Kansas City Star: Invoking the image of America’s pioneers, President Bush on Thursday told a conference of energy entrepreneurs that the nation is moving rapidly toward independence from foreign oil.

To some, the story was the protestor, not the president – like KSDK in St. Louis: President Bush continued speaking after a protestor briefly interrupted his speech. Bush went on as a single protester shouted “Soldiers are not renewable,” and “Out of Iraq now!”

Lots, lots more under Google news searches. If you do different key words, you can come up with hundreds of different stories. I searched for “renewable, energy, st. louis,” and “renewable energy conference,” and “bush st. louis energy” and got different stuff every time. Since there were so many reporters for major outlets at the event the stories aren’t all cookie-cutter copies of each other.

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