The Eagle Has Landed

Cindy Zimmerman

REC We just received word that the president is on his way to the convention center from the airport, so everyone is taking a quick seventh-inning stretch before they are locked up. The media has a nice mid-row seat, check-in was smooth and easy, now we are just waiting for the main event.

We’ll keep you posted. I will give a few comments during the president’s address and then upload the audio immediately upon the conclusion of his remarks. There is not expected to be any press availability, nor is the president expected to tour the exhibit hall. Just in for remarks and back out again.

Thanks again to EPIC for sponsoring our coverage of this very historic event. As Undersecretary of Agriculture Tom Dorr just said, it’s great to have two government agencies – Energy and Agriculture – working so closely together for something that is so important to our nation.

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