Corn Grower President at Renewables Conference

Cindy Zimmerman

NCGA President The president of the National Corn Growers Association says the interest in renewable energy across the nation is really a renewed interest in agriculture.

Ken McCauley, a corn grower from White Cloud, Kansas, says “it elevates agriculture to a whole new level” and he notes that ethanol and biodiesel are giving young people a new future in agriculture and helping to revitalize rural America. “Not just because of an ethanol plant, but also side businesses, support industry, builds your roads, builds your tax base, all kinds of good things for our local communities.”

Regarding food versus fuel – which I always ask about – McCauley says “We don’t feel there is a debate. As the industry grows, there’s going to be enough.”

As to the “naysayers,” McCauley says it’s simply “a failure to recognize change.”

McCauley is pictured here next to the brightly-colored “Live Green, Go Yellow” corn-wrapped Tahoe on display in the trade show – hoping to someday soon have one of his own just like it!

Listen to my interview with McCauley here: Listen To MP3 McCauley (6 min MP3)

Coverage of the Advancing Renewable Energy Conference sponsored by the Ethanol Promotion and Information Council.

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