Over 1000 Registrations for Renewable Renaissance

Cindy Zimmerman

USDA-DOE conference Over 1,000 people are now registered to attend the big USDA/DOE event next week in St. Louis, Advancing Renewable Energy: An American Rural Renaissance. There are rumors that President Bush himself will be attending the conference, although he is still listed as “invited.” Chances are pretty good the boss will show up, considering the magnitude of this event and the fact that his “America’s addition to oil” state of the union address has become a rallying call for renewables nationwide this year.

Even if Bush doesn’t show, there will still be plenty of others on hand to talk about the future of domestic energy sources – from ethanol and biodiesel to wind and solar. Wednesday, October 11 is the main day of the conference, featuring some 34 speakers and panelists. Ten more are on deck for Thursday, with the President of the United States penciled in as the grand finale.

Domestic Fuel will be providing coverage of the entire event.

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