Bill Would Bring Ethanol To Big States

Cindy Zimmerman

Higgins New York lawmakers have introduced bills in Congress to provide tax credits for ethanol plants in four states which consume more than 2 percent of gasoline but make less than 2 percent of ethanol. The four states are New York, California, Florida and Texas. Small producers in these states would receive a credit of 20 cents per gallon of ethanol produced, up to 50 million gallons a year, as long as total annual production does not exceed 150 million gallons.RiverWright

Congressman Brian Higgins of Buffalo, NY introduced Senator Chuck Schumer’s (D-NY) Ethanol Stimulus Act of 2006 in the House this week. Logically, Higgins’ district in western New York would stand to benefit from the bill. RiverWright Energy LLC, a Buffalo-based alternative fuel company, is planning to build an $80 million ethanol plant along the Buffalo River with a 110 million gallon per year capacity.

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