15 Percent Solution?

Cindy Zimmerman

This commentary from the Detroit News suggests that a 15 percent ethanol blend may be the best use of the fuel for the industry at this time.

Sam R. Simon, a member of the National Petroleum Council and chairman of Atlas Oil Co., argues that, as opposed to E85, E15 is the best option because that 15-percent ethanol blend can be dispensed today from existing pumps and can safely power nearly every car.

His point is a valid one since the cost to install E85 pumps and the fact that only a small percentage of vehicles can run on it now seriously limits the use of the higher ethanol blends. If the petroleum companies were willing to use as much as a 15 percent blend in most gasoline at the pump, it would lessen our dependence on foreign sources of oil more efficiently.

Think that’s going to happen?